Pro Coding Solutions.

We make custom Software for companies that range from desktop applications to web applications.  We can take on maintenance work that your team does not have time to get to or new projects.

Pro Coding Solutions
Optimized code

Our code is optimized to deliver the best performance to your end users. Chance are if you have code involved we can help.

Best solutions

Not sure what the best solution is? Let us know what your needs are for a project and we will help you find the best solution. 

Time saving

Our experienced team can complete your work in in a timely mannor

Our Solutions

Desktop Applications

Our company has over 10 years of experience developing business applications for windows machines.  Do you or your co-workers find yourself copying information from one window to another?  We can help streamline those processes and many others.


From web pages to web applications we will help you solve any problem you are having with your current web page or application or create a new one for you.


Do you or your co-workers run the same queries on a database periodically to get information important to completing a job?  If you do this chances are we can capture this information for you and help you turn that tedious job into a 1 click process.


If your project involves code in any way, chances are we can help.

US based company

Connect with a person who speaks English and can understand the needs of your company.

Time saving

We save you time during and after your project is complete.

Why Pro Coding Solutions?

We are experienced and with that experience we know what pitfalls to avoid when developing software. We can usually complete your projects in half the time with more reliable code than a less experienced programmer could.

Pro Coding Solutions
Pro Coding Solutions
Desktop Applications
Mobile applications

Joseph Rankin IT Director

"We have a talented developer that was stuck on a problem for days.  We called pro coding solutions and they were able to resolve the issue for us quickly so our staff could move onto something else."

Kevin Smith Manager

"We thought we were going to need to hire new personnel but pro software solutions was able to save enough time that we were able to expand the roles of our current staff. This is a lifetime of savings for our business and we couldn't be happier with the service we received."

Robert Sinclair Business Owner

"Pro coding solutions built and manages our website. When someone contacts us on our website we receive an alert on our phone via text message.  This helps us get back to the customer in a timely manner."

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